Photobooth prices explained

What is the typical Photobooth price – Well much depends on what style you want and how long for…

As a rough guideline, a standard type of Photobooth for about 3 hours will be between 325 and 450
A ‘Magic Mirror’ or other specialised or unique Photobooth is likely to be between 400 – 600

A regular Photobooth might be just what you’re looking for. However, a ‘Magic Mirror’ or more unique system can often add another level of entertainment for your guests. This could well be worth the extra investment

Some Photobooths are quite plain. Some Photobooths come with a limited amount of props and maybe no Attendant. Having an Attendant there ensures you don’t run out of paper or ink. An Attendant also means someone is there to fix any technical issues

Other Photobooths come with lots of extras. Things like red carpet, rope and poles, at least one Attendant, huge amount of nicely displayed props, coloured backlighting. Maybe a screen to show what pictures other guests have taken. Some even have the facility to share the pictures across Social Media instantly

As you can see, it’s a bit more involved than just booking a Photobooth!

Other things that affect the Photobooth price

Travel Time and costs may affect the price if they are a long way from your venue

If you need them to set up earlier in the day, as opposed to turning up early evening and then running the booth

If there are stairs the equipment needs to be carried up, they may need to bring extra help

Parking, congestion charge/ low emission zone fees, tolls etc.

So what’s the answer to Photobooth Price?

First decide what type of Photobooth you fancy, then browse our Photobooth Directory to find one near you. Some will have prices listed, for others you can contact them direct for a quote

Now you know what affects the price, you can decide which extras and facilities you want. This puts you in a good position to discuss this with the Photobooth Owners your contact. 

One way of saving money is that many Mobile Discos offer extras like Photobooths. Booking a Photobooth via your Mobile Disco can normally save money. They will create a package for you. Booking these things separately means you will probably pay full price for everything. You’ll find some of the listings we have in our Directory do mention they are a DJ.
If you’re considering a DJ & Photobooth package, then you may like to check out There you will find hundreds of DJs, some of which have Photobooths too!

Now you are armed with all the information about what to look for and how much it’s likely to cost. Just hit the button below to find your perfect Photobooth, and we hope you have the most amazing party!