How do I choose a Photobooth?

Photobooths come in a wide variety of sizes and styles

From a slender and discreet pod with an iPad, to a vintage horse box and everything in between

You may have space limitations to consider. How about the style of the booth and whether it compliments and works with your venue and event style.

Are you looking for something subtle or a Photobooth to give your party an extra WOW factor?

Do you want guests to take pictures and get prints, or would you like them to be able to record a video message as well?

As you can see, there are lots of possibilities. Photobooths have come a very long way from the kind of thing that took passport photos


How do I choose?

It’s going to come down to a combination of your taste and budget

Many modern Photobooths have similar facilities, although some software really goes that extra mile to impress!

They all take pictures of course. However some have video options, bespoke animation options, most do regular 6″ x 4″ prints, but some will do strip prints (like old passport booths). Some also have a facility to allow your guests to share their pictures direct from the booth to Instagram, facebook, twitter etc. Or even email them

Now you know that there are so many possibilities…

We suggest you now hit our Photobooth Directory and see what’s available in your area. Many Photobooth Operators have more than one booth. They also liaise with other owners to offer a wide range of booths between them

Get a contract!

Once you’ve chosen a Photobooth Operator and agreed what they will provide and the cost, you MUST insist on a contract. If they refuse, or just say something like ‘just pay me cash on the night’, run away, VERY quickly

Any professional Photobooth Operator will want to give you a contract. This confirms the date, venue, times for set up and operation. Also what’s included and of course the price and payment details.

Getting a contract means you are pretty sure you have a booth booked and they will actually turn up and provide what you want. As with anything, there are no guarantees. However at least with a contract, the operator is far less likely to back out at the last minute because they’ve been offered a better paying job.

While we don’t offer any guarantees as to the quality of the Photobooth Operators listed here, we believe they are the best we can find across the UK, and will give you a great time and photo’s to cherish